Inclusive dance and movement classes at The Wingate Centre, Wrenbury, Nantwich

+16 Spring Term

Our Spring term is open to all and starts at 11am on Tuesdays

Our workshops teach performance techniques in a holistic manner, encouraging personal development through creative expression and physical awareness

Our classes are designed to increase mobility and flexibility, improve posture and balance, increase fitness,  while building self-confidence and empowerment in a fun and healthy way.

Inclusive Drama classes at The Wingate Centre

What is Inclusive drama

Theatre for all

At the heart of theatreBox is our Inclusive Theatre practise, which is based on the individual's ability, skills and experiences.  It is from this that we take our lead to develop and create innovative theatre.  Building confidence through a holistic  manner, while supporting wellbeing through fun and performance engagement.

+16 Spring term

Our Spring term is open to all from 6pm - 7pm

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If you are interested in discovering and developing your performance skills, would like to explore your creative side,  and increase your confidence while working with others , then you can book a one off drama workshops or a series of workshops with theatreBox. We are available to travel throughout the Cheshire area, as well as crafting bespoke drama workshops at The Wingate Centre.