What is theatreBox Inclusive Theatre?

The main principals of our Inclusive Theatre practice is to encourage participation through Positive Action and by understanding the needs and uniquenesses of the individuals, representing these needs and differences in a positive and productive way.

Through this practice the focus of theatreBox Inclusive Theatre shifts away from mainstream applied performance-based ideology, to a more bespoke performance practice and techniques structure.  This is to enhance the understanding and engagement of the participant, so that they may develop personally and creatively in a holistic way.

Like Applied Theatre, Inclusive Theatre is usually delivered in a non-traditional
setting and mostly with marginalised communities,  bringing to the forefront of the creative process the issues that are endemic within that community.  Although Inclusive Theatre and Applied Theatre are similar in nature; where Applied Theatre encourages provocation and change, theatreBox promotes the idea that theatre can be anything, and it is the individual that leads the creative process, and ultimately brings with them the characteristics, which leads to a performance or representation of creative work.  

Developed through a series of sessions and workshops; Inclusive Theatre focuses on the strengths and uniquenesses of the participants, achieving a more robust and truthful representation of the creative group.  It also helps others understand and realise the aspirations and goals of the individuals taking part, and through drama, movement and dance,  enhances the individual’s physical, creative and social wellbeing.