Drama Workshops

If you are interested in developing your presenting and performance skills, would like to explore your creative side, and increase your confidence while working with others , then come and join us at the NeuroMuscular  Centre, Winsford for a fun series of Inclusive theatre workshops

What is Inclusive drama

Theatre for all

At the heart of theatreBox is our Inclusive Theatre practise, which is based on the individual's ability, skills and experiences.  It is from this that we take our lead to develop and create innovative theatre.  Building confidence through a holistic  manner, while supporting wellbeing through fun and performance engagement.


Performance and Technique

Learn new presentation skills

How best to articulate your ideas in a clear and productive way

Introduction to staging

How to engaged your audience

Creative development



By encouraging creative expression, individuals and group member can feel more involved by creating creative connentions with others and in the course of having some fun, clients can build self confidence and self awareness. 


"Ian was really thoughtful and careful not to push people too much out of their comfort zone and if they felt unable to participate he was really discreet and didn’t make any fuss about it. We just moved on and got better and better."


"We had lots of laughs and lots of highs when we all felt we had achieved something at the end of each session."


"Everybody has truly enjoyed the sessions and we have now booked another course throughout the summer months and opened it up to all age groups. It has been a great success thanks to Ian Linton and our people investing in attending the workshops. It has been a great beneficial experience for everybody."  

                                                - Lorraine Woolley, Transition Officer at NMC

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