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Welcome to theatre Box, a social enterprise inclusive theatre company providing drama, dance, and movement workshops for children and adults, specialising in working with learning disabilities and special needs. Our workshops encourage creative expression through a holistic approach, and promote personal development and confidence in a fun and healthy way

Our Mission

Our mission as an inclusive theatre company is to creates beautiful and inspirational theatre, which is shaped directly from the creative work produced throughout the series of workshops and sessions that we provide. Through this process, we aim to develop performance skills and techniques and promote creative learning and expression, which will lead to personal development, and empower the individual to experience a happier and healthier life.


Our vision is to produce and promote theatre that celebrates the diversity within the special needs community, and their skills and abilities.  Through this we hope to promote community engagement and direct experience, which will boost social awareness and acknowledgement of the importance of creative arts within the special needs community, and bring with it education that will lead to positive change.

Dance and Movement

"theatreBox has been out to our group to run a drama workshop. The young people had a fantastic time. Ian ensured that all our members were involved in the session.  Thanks Ian!"

The Buzz Group

Jackie Brown
Community Engagement Group Co-Ordinator


theatreBox creative director Ian Linton has had over 13 years experience facilitating Inclusive Theatre for people with learning disabilities and special needs within the South East and North West of England.


Professionally trained  and with experience working within community and educational theatre​, Ian brought to prominence the importance of Inclusive Theatre and the need for it within the main stream arts community while working in Kent.  Through this Ian initiated and facilitated groups for people with special needs within community theatres and mainstream theatres , including The Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells and The Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury.  As the Creative Director for both the Marlowe Access Company and T.I.D.E Theatre, Ian ensured a place where creative learning could be seen as a positive integrated experience, transforming the idea as to what is Inclusive Theatre through direct public experience, and ensuring that perception of Inclusive Theatre was champions through the skills and positive outcomes of its participants.


Now producing new projects in the North West, theatreBox is working with organisations such as The Wingate Special Children’s Trust. An independent charity devoted to enriching the lives of children and young people with all levels of physical and learning disabilities. Producing new  movement and drama workshops for The  Children’s Trust at the Wingate Centre, theatreBox is continuing to promote and produce Inclusive Theatre for all abilities within Cheshire and the North West.

What is Inclusive Theatre

At the heart of theatreBox is our Inclusive Theatre practise, which is based on the individual's ability, skills and experiences.  It is from this that we take our lead to develop and create innovative theatre.

Current Projects

Our workshops teach performance techniques in a holistic manner, encouraging personal development through creative expression and physical awareness

Why Get Involved?

As part of theatreBox you will not only have the opportunity to learn new skills and be part of a team, but as a member you will enrich the creative process through your own individual learning and expression

You will also see many benefits from getting involved, which include health and fitness levels, social skills and interaction development, an increase in wellbeing through being involved and valued regardless of ability, and cognitive and mental development from learning new movements and focused concentration

"Ian was really thoughtful and careful not to push people too much out of their comfort zone and if they felt unable to participate he was really discreet and didn’t make any fuss about it. We just moved on and got better and better."


"We had lots of laughs and lots of highs when we all felt we had achieved something at the end of each session."


"Everybody has truly enjoyed the sessions and we have now booked another course throughout the summer months and opened it up to all age groups. It has been a great success thanks to Ian Linton and our people investing in attending the workshops. It has been a great beneficial experience for everybody."  

                                                - Lorraine Woolley, Transition Officer at NMC